City Codes/Contact

City of Broken Arrow Action Center

The City of Broken Arrow’s Action Center serves as a central contact point for citizens who wish to report a problem to the City. The Action Center takes the complaint, refers it to the appropriate department for action, and corresponds with the caller concerning any actions taken to resolve the problem or complaint.  Problems could include, but are not limited to – street light out; tall grass & weeds; trash, junk and debris on property; inoperable vehicles; parking vehicles, trailers & recreational vehicles between building line and street; home based business; parking commercial vehicles over 1 1/2 tons on residential street; and swimming pools drained into street.

For information on how to report a problem go to .  All personal information will be kept confidential.

Broken Arrow City Codes

Regardless of whether you own or rent in Wolf Creek, you are obligated to honor Broken Arrow City Code requirements and the Wolf Creek Covenants.  Information concerning City Codes can be found at .