Membership Drive 2024-2025 – Dues payable September 1st.

Please mail your $50.00 annual membership dues to:
WCNA PO Box 0971, Broken Arrow, OK  74013-0971

Or, you may now pay with PayPal or a credit card by using the “Pay Now” button below. 

This is our expensive time of year!  Our biggest expense is maintenance of our entrances and grass on the main roads.  Dues pay for that maintenance. The Wolf Creek Neighbors Association has not been very active over the past few years.  Everyone is so busy these days that it seems it has been pushed to the bottom of the priority list for many of us.  There is a small core group that believes it is time to revitalize and renew. We would like to present a few items for your serious consideration:
  • Is retaining the value of your home important to you?
  • Is the safety of your family important to you?
  • Is the condition of your entrances and park important to you?

Your Neighbors Association is a vital link in dealing with all of these issues to keep Wolf Creek a desirable place to live. Our annual dues are $50, due in September.  We have approximately 900 homes.   We need to make Wolf Creek a desirable community to live in.  We want people to buy in Wolf Creek because it is the best place to live.  Currently our (paid) membership is less than 250 households.  We wish to improve that this year.  If you are a member in good standing, please talk to your neighbors and encourage them to pay their dues and help.  Most of your dues apply to mowing the entrances and perimeters of our neighborhood.  We intend to add activities and beautification to our budget this year.  Thank you in advance. If you would like additional information email All residents are asked to complete the following form to submit your contact information for our records.

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